The Atlantic Girls Hockey Federation (AGHF) is proud to announce a monumental achievement within its ranks as York Lady Devils’ Assistant Captain, Kady Kratzer, commits to play on the inaugural NCAA Division III Women’s Hockey team at Hood College. Kratzer’s journey from her roots in boys’ hockey to becoming a standout defenseman for the Lady Devils exemplifies the dedication and talent cultivated within the AGHF.

In her second season with the AGHF, Kratzer has left an indelible mark on the league, showcasing her prowess on the ice with 20 goals and 12 assists, totaling an impressive 32 points in 37 games played this season. Her contributions have been instrumental in propelling the Lady Devils to a commendable second-place finish in the AGHF Playoffs, solidifying her reputation as a formidable force in women’s hockey.

What makes Kratzer’s achievement even more remarkable is her transition from boys’ hockey to the AGHF. Having spent 13 seasons playing in the boys’ league, Kratzer’s decision to switch to girls’ hockey demonstrates her resilience and determination to pursue her passion for the sport, regardless of the challenges she may face.

The AGHF extends its heartfelt congratulations to Kady Kratzer on her remarkable accomplishment and wishes her the very best as she continues to make strides in her hockey career. Her success highlights the AGHF’s commitment to empowering female athletes and fostering a thriving environment for women’s hockey across the region.

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