Supplemental Discipline

The Federations reserve the right to apply Supplemental Discipline as outlined in USA Hockey Rule 410

There is no right to appeal a game misconduct because this rule is considered to be part of the referee's game jurisdiction. 


USA Hockey Policy for Progressive Suspensions

  1. The Federations support the on ice calls of the officials.
  2. The Federations will follow USA Hockey Rule 411 for Progressive Suspensions
  3. The Federations will work with USA Hockey to assess appropriate discipline in the situations of a Match Penalty following USA Hockey’s Standardized Discipline Policy - Match Penalties

Federation Game Misconduct Accumulation Policy

The Federation has instituted a Game Misconduct Accumulation Policy to reprimand repeat offenders.

The AGHF will follow the following Game Misconduct Accumulation Policy for players receiving 3 game misconducts or more in AGHF games:

  • Third game misconduct, the player shall receive an additional one (1) game suspension
  • Fourth game misconduct, the player shall receive an additional two (2) game suspension.
  • Fifth game misconduct, the player shall be suspended until a hearing is conducted by the AGHF Director of Officiating
  • These designated game suspensions shall be in addition to any other suspensions imposed through the official playing rules. 


Video Penalty Review

The Federations receives unsolicited video during the season with a request that we consider supplemental discipline for an infraction that either went uncalled or, where the penalty assessed was not appropriate. Availability of higher quality video, and in the interest of ensuring the safety of our athletes, we are introducing a trial video review program.

  • The Federations will NOT use video review for the purpose of changing any on ice call, UNLESS the video clearly and unambiguously demonstrates MAJOR/GAME MISCONDUCT penalty assessments were made to the wrong player. 
    • Video must clearly show, without question, that the wrong player was identified and penalized by officials during the infraction.
    • The Federations will only consider a review if the penalty assessed was a MAJOR/GAME MISCONDUCT.
  • Video submitted for potential review by Federation, will only be accepted/considered if presented by a member Association’s Hockey Director or President. (No individual or parent submissions will be accepted.) The following process shall be followed:
    • Upon review by the Association, and determination that a request for further action is requested, the Association’s Director of Hockey must complete the “Video Review Request” form. 
    • Completed form must be sent within 48 hours of the incident