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How many organizations are founding members of the AGHF?

21 organizations with over 60 teams

Where are the AGHF member organizations located?

AGHF member organizations are from the following states:
Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia

Will all teams in a member organization participate?

Yes, all teams are expected to participate but National bound split season teams are granted exceptions

What age groups and divisions will the AGHF offer?

14U Diamond
14U Platinum
16U Diamond
16U Platinum

Are clubs allowed to participate in other leagues?

Yes, with AGHF approval.  CT, MD and VA teams will all likely participate in their local leagues.  Atlantic District teams wishing to participate in other leagues may do so with AGHF prior approval.

Are AGHF teams eligible for districts and nationals?

All districts must provide a pathway to USA Hockey Nationals for all Tier 2 sanctioned organizations.  All member organizations of the AGHF are Tier 2 sanctioned clubs and will have a pathway to national provided by their local district.

Does the AGHF host showcase events?

Yes, the AGHF will host 2 showcases for the 10U-19U divisions on September 23-25 and November 4-6.

When does the AGHF season start? When does it end?

First day of regular season: September 10, 2022 

Last day of regular season (10U and 12U): February 11, 2023

Last day of regular season (14U. 16U, 19U): February 18, 2023

How many league games does a team play in the season?

AGHF game counts differ by season structure and age division

Partial Season Teams (10U-19U):
16 games- 8 showcase games; 8 home/away games

Full Season Teams (14U Platinum-19U):
28 games- 8 showcase games; 20 home/away games

Full Season Teams (10U-14U Diamond):
24 games- 8 showcase games; 16 home/away games

Will my team play all the teams in my division?

Teams will have a atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.competitive schedule based on each teams level

What is an unbalanced schedule?

Teams will not play each other an equal number of times during the season. The AGHF will assign a schedule matrix of games within your division for both showcase and non-showcase games that will provide the best level of atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.competition for your team that will seek to reduce travel when possible.

Does the AGHF host playoffs?

Yes, each age group and division will have playoffs at the end of the season. Playoffs for 10U-19U will be a round robin format with a championship game for each division.  

AGHF will host playoffs in a centralized location in North/Central New Jersey.

When are AGHF playoffs?

Playoffs (10U and 12U): February 17-19, 2023

Playoffs (14U, 16U, 19U): February 24-26, 2023

How are playoffs standings determined if teams do not play each other the same number of times?

The AGHF will use KRACH to determine playoff rankings where necessary

What is KRACH?

KRACH is an implementation of a statistical technique called logistic regression.  In simple terms, it is a team’s winning ratio * team’s strength of schedule.

How will the AGHF track player and goalie stats?

All games will be scored using GAMESHEET app. Clubs and team managers will be required to score games on an iPad (provided by the managers or the rink) using the GAMESHEET app. Player stats and standings will be updated on the AGHF website instantly. Electronic score sheets are easy to export to PDF format for printing.

Who runs the AGHF? Who can I go to if I have questions?

The AGHF has a full-time, women-led paid staff dedicated to AGHF operations

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