The Atlantic Girls Hockey Federation (AGHF) is proud to announce a significant development in the world of women’s hockey, as Caitlin Krempa, a forward for the York Lady Devils, commits to play NCAA DIII Hockey at Hood College for the Blazers’ inaugural season in 2024-25.

Krempa’s journey in hockey has been marked by dedication and skill. In her time with the Lady Devils, she has honed her talents on the ice, showcasing her abilities as a formidable forward. Throughout the current season, Krempa has demonstrated her prowess in 64 games, amassing 2 goals and 8 assists for a total of 10 points. Her contributions have been pivotal in guiding the Lady Devils to the finals of the 19U Diamond division of the AGHF, reflecting both her individual excellence and her role in elevating her team’s performance.

Now, as Krempa prepares to embark on the next chapter of her hockey career, her commitment to Hood College signifies a new milestone. Joining the Blazers for their inaugural season in 2024-25, Krempa brings not only her skills on the ice but also her experience and leadership cultivated through years of competitive play. Her decision to continue her hockey journey and education at the collegiate level underscores her passion for the sport and her determination to excel at the highest level both on and off the ice.

As Caitlin Krempa prepares to don the Blazers’ jersey, her journey serves as a testament to the opportunities and achievements awaiting young women in the realm of hockey. With her dedication, skill, and unwavering determination, she embodies the spirit of excellence that defines the Atlantic Girls Hockey Federation and the broader landscape of women’s hockey.

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