Welcome back to the AGHF Player of the Week for the week ended October 8th, 2023! This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

Here are this week’s Players of the Week for each division:

12U Nominating Coach: Rob McCarthy and Dimitri Matthews

  • Team: CP Dynamo
  • Player’s Name: Jordan Czamara
  • Jersey Number: 58
  • Position: Goalie
  • “Jordyn had an outstanding weekend, allowing only two goals on 56 shots over the course of two games in a single day double header.”
  • “I’m not sure how often opposing coaches nominate an opposing player or if we’re even allowed. But Jordyn was a wall this weekend. It took us everything we could throw at her to sneak one past her. By the end of the game our shooters were very frustrated.”

14U Diamond Nominating Coach: Andy McDonald

  • Team: WBS Lady Knights
  • Player’s Name: Ellyson Dieter
  • Jersey Number: 42
  • Position: Defense
  • “Ellie had a big weekend with 3 points (2G, 1A). Her hard work and constant effort helped her team win their two games!”

14U Platinum Nominating Coach: Todd Seymour

  • Team: Reston Raiders
  • Player’s Name: Rowen McNeice
  • Jersey Number: 2
  • Position: Forward
  • “Rosie McNeice is a great demonstration of how hard work and dedication in the off-season can have a positive impact on player performance. Rosie recorded an impressive 25 days of activity in our team’s summer shooting challenge, which was the highest activity count on our team. As a result of her off-ice efforts, she has seen a significant improvement in her shot strength and goal scoring, as well as her overall puck possession time, playmaking and assists.”

19U Diamond Nominating Coach: Grace Potash

  • Team: NJ Bandits
  • Player’s Name: Julia Foglia
  • Jersey Number: 12
  • Position: Center
  • “Julia had two beautiful goals this weekend. She scored the first on a breakaway and the second from a center ice faceoff. She won the faceoff, drove the offensive zone and beat the defensemen by going wide and finished with a bar-down shot.”

Honorable Mentions:

Atlee FentonPTL Elite12U44Forward
Maria DlugoleckiNJ Bandits 14AA Elite14U Diamond1Goalie
Brynn Quesnelptl14U Diamond86F/D
Devin AddvenskyNJ Bandits14U Platinum6Forward
Abby TannerTri-City Eagles Blue19U Diamond35G
Elizabeth SandersTri-City Eagles Blue19U Diamond24Wing