Welcome back to the AGHF Player of the Week for the week ended January 7th, 2024! This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

14U Diamond Nominating Coach: Kyle Knopp

  • Team: CT Polar Bears
  • Player’s Name: Lexie Savage
  • Jersey Number: 8
  • Position: Forward
  • After tallying the lone goal in a tough 2-1 loss to the New Jersey Bandits on Saturday, Lexie scored two more on Sunday in a thrilling 3-2 victory over Mid Fairfield. Her first of the game was a deflection off a shot from the point on the power play and the second was a bar-down game-winning finish with 0:01 left on the clock.”

16U Diamond Nominating Coach: Tatiana Shatalova

  • Team: PTL (Black)
  • Player’s Name: Isabel Bright
  • Jersey Number: 27
  • Position: Forward
  • She is thirsty for win, always. Working hard every game and pretty smart player with awesome skills.”

19U Diamond Nominating Coach: Grace Potash

  • Team: NJ Bandits
  • Player’s Name: Maeve McNulty
  • Jersey Number: 4
  • Position: Forward
  • “Maeve scored the game winning goal in the first game against the Tri City Eagles with 13.6 seconds left in the game.”

Honorable Mentions:

Lucy Jorjani14U DiamondSTJ20Forward
Samantha Lui14U DiamondPTL Black7Forward