Welcome back to the AGHF Player of the Week for the week ended September 10th, 2023! This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

Here are this week’s Players of the Week for each division:

10U Nominating Coach: Hannah Serruya

  • Team: St. J
  • Player’s Name: Eleanor Albosta
  • Jersey Number: 22
  • Position: Forward

12U Nominating Coach: Bobbi Fedele

  • Team: WBS Lady Knights
  • Player’s Name: Ailey McDonald
  • Jersey Number: 13
  • Position: Center
  • Showed patience with the puck and trust in her teammates in the offensive zone this weekend.

14U Diamond Nominating Coach: Michael Bazzone

  • Team: MYHA Blue
  • Player’s Name: Emersyn Swader
  • Jersey Number: 41
  • Position: Goalie
  • Had back to back shutouts to help her team earn two back to back 1-0 wins against PTL.

14U Platinum Nominating Coach: Jon Bass

  • Team: New Jersey Bandits
  • Player’s Name: Britt Goodman
  • Jersey Number: 20
  • Position: Forward

16U Diamond Nominating Coach: Rebecca Morse

  • Team: Princeton Tiger Lilies
  • Player’s Name: Sydney Sun
  • Jersey Number: 18
  • Position: Forward
  • Elevated her speed and intensity and made herself comfortable skating at a new level in her second weekend playing 16U. Her goal came because of a relentless play she created for herself in order to put her team in a better position.

16U Platinum Nominating Coach: Sean O’Connor

  • Team: Maryland Jr. Black Bears
  • Player’s Name: Abigail Mahaffey
  • Jersey Number: 86
  • Position: Forward
  • Despite being new to both all girls hockey and her team, Abigail made a great first impression in her first weekend with the Maryland Junior Black Bears!

19U Diamond Nominating Coach: Grace Potash

  • Team: New Jersey Bandits – Potash
  • Player’s Name: Mandy Scott
  • Jersey Number: 27
  • Position: Defense
  • Mandy stepped up and played defense despite being a forward when her team needed her to. She made great defensive plays and did great at defense.

Honorable Mentions:

  • 10U: Sophia Salgado – Princeton Tiger Lilies
  • 12U: Ichika Kanekiyo – New Jersey Bandits
  • 12U: Isabelle Lynch – MYHA Blue
  • 14U: Kaelyn Dion – MassConn
  • 14U: Delany Cozine – New Jersey Bandits
  • 14U: Pia Singh – Princeton Tiger Lilies Orange
  • 14U: Georgie Fowler – Princeton Tiger Lilies Orange
  • 14U: Olivia Conors – Princeton Tiger Lilies
  • 14U: Sofia Makukova – WBS Lady Knights
  • 16U: Molly McCabe – Princeton Tiger Lilies Black