The AGHF announces the Players of the Week for the past two weeks (1/20-1/29). The Players of the Week is a weekly feature during the 2022-23 season that honors players in all divisions. Only players that are nominated by their respective teams are considered.

Age Level / Division: 10U
Team: Princeton Tiger Lilies
Player: Hannah Babapulle (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 1, Assists: 0

“Hannah is developing good situational awareness. She blocked several shots which led to strong offensive plays. She is becoming more confident with the puck and able to execute smart plays. She finds herself in the right spot which allows her to get good scoring opportunities,” said Coach Julie David.

Age Level / Division: 12U
Team: WBS Lady Knights
Player: Marion Koester (G) – Games: 2, Goals Against: 0, Saves: 0
“Marion Played phenomenal in Net this past weekend helping her teams win 2 big games. Marion did not allow a goal in the 1.5 games she played! She continues to be a leader on and off the ice to her teammates!” said Coach Andy McDonald.

Age Level / Division: 14U Diamond
Team: South Pittsburgh Rebellion
Player: Leah Eichhorn (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 3, Assists: 0
“Leah had both goals against St James on Saturday, and chipped in a third on Sunday as South Pittsburgh won both of their weekend games,” said Coach Hammel.

Age Level / Division: 16U Diamond
Team: Princeton Tiger Lilies
Player: Kalena Gruby (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 1, Assists: 0
“Kalena Gruby was a presence on both sides of the ice using her skating ability to create havoc both offensively and defensively. She adopted a fire and forget attitude this weekend as she led her team in shots on goal,” said Coach John.

Age Level / Division: 19U
Team: Princeton Tiger Lilies
Player: Clare Schaffer (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 0, Assists: 2
“Sparked a lot of offense,” said Coach Stephen Lorincz, III.


Addison Ellis (D) Princeton Tiger Lilies

Neve Kothare (F) Princeton Tiger Lilies
Keira Sturchio (F) NJ Bandits
Alexis Moslin (F) Princeton Tiger Lilies
Juliet Faughn (D) Princeton Tiger Lilies

Emma Scrudato (F) Princeton Tiger Lilies
Tasneem Abbassi (G) NJ Bandits
Mariana Lee (D) Princeton Tiger Lilies
Josephine Basora (F) Princeton Tiger Lilies
Samantha Dandy (D) Princeton Tiger Lilies

Abigael Gallagher (D) Princeton Tiger Lilies
Ema Niculescu-Mizil (D) Princeton Tiger Lilies
Isabel Bright (F) Princeton Tiger Lilies

Lucy Fassler (G) Princeton Tiger Lilies