Igloo Jaguars

The Jaguar Ice Hockey program is a Tier II program with teams from Mite – 18U. Teams play in the NJYHL, AHF and some teams also play in the EJEPL. The Jaguar's philosophy incorporates playing for the enjoyment of the game as well as teaching all participants the fundamentals of ice hockey, with the focus of participation.

Management & location

Scheduler -

Matt Marshallsea | ddhockeydirector@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

2022-2023 Managers -

U10A 1 | Becky Vitale | Bek0821@yahoo.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U10A 2 | Kim Dodd | kimmattson31@hotmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U10B | Joseph Venancio | jmdrv13@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U12A 1 | Tiffany Bockhorn | tiffany.bockhorn@me.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U12A 2 | Scott Himelberger | flyers371@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U12B | Greg Marcinkiewicz | grmarc2000@yahoo.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U14A | Garret McManus | gatz16@hotmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U14AA | April Haupt | ahaupt@verizon.net

U16A | Carrie Booher, Debbie Tully | booher.carrie@yahoo.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com , dmtully76@atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.comcast.net

U18AA | Anthony Giuliano | ajgiuliano@hotmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

The Igloo Jaguars play at the Igloo Ice Rink located at 3033 Fostertown Rd, Mt Laurel Township, NJ 08054.

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  • Teams in Atlantic District Playoffs 14A

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