Grundy Senators

Grundy Senators was formed to promote youth hockey in Bristol PA., and the surrounding Philadelphia/New Jersey area. The goal of our program is to use hockey as a vehicle to teach each athlete the value of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, self-esteem, atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.commitment, discipline, and responsibility.

Management & location

Scheduler -

Mike McVey | mikem@grundyarena.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

2022-2023 Managers -

U10A | Rachel Murray | Rachelmurray419@yahoo.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U10B | Heather Ayala | Hayala.kw@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U12A | Jessica Barnes | Jessicanichole422@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U12AA | Colleen Mcfadden | cmcfadden14@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U12B | Amy Fox | Amyfox83@yahoo.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U13AA | Donna Rue | Senstourney@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U14A | Michele Delucia | Michele.Delucia@me.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U14B | Emily Kopera | emsqueek@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U16A | Tiffany Doyle | Senatorspayment@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.com

U18AA | Colleen Mcfadden | cmcfadden14@gmail.atlanticgirlshockeyfederation.comĀ 

The Grundy Senators play at the Grundy Ice Arena located at 475 Beaver St, Bristol, PA 19007.

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  • Teams in Atlantic District Playoffs 12A

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