This past August, seven players from the AHF, AGHF and THF all had the opportunity to represent  Team Egypt in the Amerigol LATAM Cup.

 In an effort to promote the growth of ice hockey in non-traditional markets, Amerigol has been organizing the LATAM Cup, an international ice hockey tournament that brings together teams from emerging hockey nations. 

The Amerigol LATAM Cup has become a focal point for nations with burgeoning hockey programs. It offers these countries a platform to showcase their skills and bring awareness to the growing game of hockey in non traditional markets. 

Unfortunately, they came up short in the semis, finishing in fourth place overall. However, the experience gained from competing at this level will undoubtedly serve as a valuable building block for the future. Four members of the Princeton Tiger Lilies (PTL) of the AGHF represented Team Egypt playing co-ed and hope to return next summer with Egypt’s first women’s team. 

“This tournament is something I look forward to each year,” said PTL 16U Goaltender Danna Ramadan,  “The ultimate goal is leading the way and providing the opportunity for those who want to play in Egypt. This tournament comes with many opportunities, representing our native country, playing with other Egyptian players from around the globe and carrying the face and legacy of many more to come after. Looking ahead we plan to add on to this organization and bring forth a women’s team emphasizing hockey is for everyone. “

“The most memorable part of this tournament was watching teams from various backgrounds participate in the the sport they know and love while showcasing their heritage,” said PTL 14U forward Malac Ramadan, “Nothing will ever compare to representing my country, wearing these jerseys each game, and having the privilege to represent the national Egyptian olympic committee. Overall this whole experience will always be memorable and will be something I look forward to for each year to come.”

“My favorite part of the LATAM tournament was getting to meet people from different countries and seeing their spirits and cultures all come together to play the sport I love,” said PTL 14U forward Sophie Allam,  “It was special to me because I gave hope to young Egyptian girls, that someday they can be on the Pharaohs team as well.”

While Team Egypt may not have secured the top spot this year, these young players are already looking forward to returning to the LATAM Cup next season. Their commitment to growing the sport in non-traditional markets exemplifies the mission of Amerigol: to expand the reach of ice hockey and foster its development in unexpected places.

“LATAM truly was truly an experience to remember,” said Mercer Chiefs 16U defensemen Abdallah Mohamed, “Getting a chance to play with my country’s flag on my jersey fueled my love for the sport. The friends I made, the lessons I’ve learned, and the thrill of playing the spot I love while fans cheered from the stands, all made the LATAM Cup a tournament I look forward to every year.”

“Playing in Amerigol’s LATAM cup was a very fun experience, something that I will not forget,” said Mercer Chiefs player Harroun Ali. “The players I made friends with and the coaches that helped me become a better player especially Coach Sameh, Coach Hoss, Coach Andrew and, the Egypt Ice Hockey Men’s team that helped me with any questions I had and helped me become a better skater a better shooter and overall a better person I would always play in LatAm cup as the organizers are very friendly and it is a great place to play hockey in.”

“LATAM was a once in a lifetime experience, not only am I playing with my buddies of the same culture, but I’m learning about other cultures and experiences on the ice,” said Mercer forward Adam Allam , ”Hockey has always been my passion and it just keeps growing every year. Winning the gold medal our first year competing in Latam was a day that will stay in my heart forever. Looking forward to next year’s tournament!”