The Atlantic Girls Hockey Federation (AGHF) Selects made an impressive mark at the 2024 Quebec International PeeWee Hockey Tournament, securing the Feminin Division Championship with dominating performances throughout the competition. From February 8th to 18th, the AGHF Selects showcased their skills, teamwork, and determination, emerging victorious in every game they played.

The tournament journey began on February 9th with an Exhibition Game against Durham West Lighting, where the AGHF Selects displayed their prowess, claiming a 3-0 victory. This set the tone for the following days, as the team continued to shine in both exhibition and tournament matches.

In their first tournament game on February 10th, the AGHF Selects faced off against Laurentides-Lanau Etoiles, securing a convincing 4-1 win. Goal scorers Olivia Pelle, Maddie Staffieri, Lauren Letts, and Tomasina Cinquino showcased the team’s offensive prowess.

Exhibition Game 2 on February 11th saw the AGHF Selects triumph over Florida Alliance with a 3-0 victory, courtesy of goals from Tomasina Cinquino, Maddie Staffieri, and another from Tomasina. The team continued their winning streak in Exhibition Game 3 against Aosta Gladiators on February 13th, triumphing 3-2 with goals from Lauren Letts (2) and Maggie Wang.

The tournament’s momentum carried into the knockout stages, with the AGHF Selects securing a 3-1 victory against Suisse Romande Chouettes in Tournament Game 2 on February 15th. Lauren Letts and Tomasina Cinquino contributed to the scoreline, maintaining the team’s stellar performance.

The AGHF Selects’ dominance reached new heights in Tournament Game 3 against Whitby Wolves on February 16th, as they clinched an 8-2 victory. Maddie Staffieri netted four goals, while Letts, Tomasina, Isabelle Lynch, and Maggie Wang each added one to the impressive tally.

The semi-final on February 17th against CT Jr Rangers proved to be a thrilling encounter, with the AGHF Selects emerging victorious in overtime with a 3-2 scoreline. Maddie Staffieri scored twice, and Tomasina Cinquino sealed the win in overtime.

The grand finale on February 18th saw the AGHF Selects facing off against Laval Montreal Amazones. The team delivered a spectacular performance, securing a 6-0 victory and claiming the championship. Staffieri netted two goals, while Letts added four to the scoreline, cementing their status as champions.

Lauren Letts, Madeline Staffieri, and Tomasina Cinquino stood out as the top three scorers in the girls division, showcasing their individual talents and contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Beyond the hockey arena, the AGHF Selects had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Quebec. Staying with Billet Families provided a unique cultural experience, while activities such as snow tubing and indulging in sweets at the Sugar Shack added a touch of fun to their trip. The girls also had the chance to attend a Remparts game, further enriching their Quebec experience.

The AGHF Selects’ journey at the Quebec International PeeWee Hockey Tournament not only highlighted their athletic prowess but also showcased the camaraderie and cultural exploration that make such tournaments memorable for young athletes. Congratulations to the AGHF Selects on their outstanding achievement in Quebec!